Every year, besides the obligate firefighting rehearsing according to Vietnam Fire and Rescue Police Department’s regulations, AESC Safety Department also develops a yearly training plan for staffs and employees on using in-place fire fighting equipment. A fire drill was held in our simulation area in September 12.

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AESC and Hanoi University of Science and Technology, School of Transportation Engineering has a long history of cooperation in training field. This July, we proudly welcomed the 10th internship group with 15 students of the aeronautical and space engineering department which provides resource for the aviation industry.

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One of Jetstar Pacific Airlines aircrafts has just been released from C-check maintenance in Aug 2018, where its cargo floor was upgraded to resist the physical damage and possible liquid infiltration. AESC provided the solution which includes the designing, manufacturing and installation of cargo liner to the current floors. The application of proper aviation materials and the precision in production and installation brings good feedback from Jetstar Pacific Airlines, our good customer.

From 10th to August 16th 2018, AESC carried out the seat maintenance for a Jetstar Pacific Airlines (JPA) aircraft while it was under C check. This maintenance will give airlines a best solution to refresh and give new look to its aircraft seat. This activity also ensures the safety and best experience for passengers.



EASA Part 21G Certificate of AESC

AESC just received the Production Organization Approval (Part 21G) from European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) on 18th June 2018 with the Certificate Number EASA.21G.0056. With this Approval, AESC is approved to have in its production non-structural cabin interior parts, providing minor repair service, in compliance with EASA standards, to its customers not only within Vietnam, but also in the region and over the world.

Therefore, we had a small interview with Mr. Ryan and Ms. Jennifer - the ones who mainly in charge of POA Department in the process of approving.