Eagle Flight Training và Công ty Cổ phần Dịch vụ Kỹ thuật Hàng không (AESC) hợp tác thành lập trường bay tại Việt Nam.
Hà Nội, ngày 15 tháng 11 2015 – Trong khuôn khổ chuyến công tác thúc đẩy hợp tác kinh tế thương mại của Chính phủ New Zealand tới Việt Nam, Công ty Cổ phần Dịch vụ Kỹ thuật Hàng không (AESC) và Eagle Flight Training - Trường bay của New Zealand đã ký kết Hợp đồng liên doanh thành lập trường huấn luyện bay tại Sân bay Chu Lai, tỉnh Quang Nam, Việt Nam.

 18th March 2015, AESC has passed Phase 3  ( Document Compliance) by the inspection team from Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) implementation, in total 5 steps process approved Maintenance Organization FAR - Part 145. the inspection team was expend  2 days for the purpose of speeding up the approval process. Phase 4 ( Demonstration and Inspection) is expected to be conducted in  June 2015. AESC try to receive Maintenance Organisation Approval  Regulation FAR - Part 145  in 2015.

The chance is rather great that we will be facing a shortage of qualified aviation professionals for the first time in history if this issue is not addressed in an effective and proper way right now. In 2011, ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) published a document entitled “Global and Regional 20-year Forecasts – Pilots, Maintenance Personnel, Air Traffic Controller”, which constitutes an independent study regarding civil aviation personnel and contributes to the aviation data and traffic forecasts for which the ICAO is recognized.

easaThe day of 26th Sep 2014 just marked a historical milestone for AESC. The company received with honor the Maintenance Organization Approval Certificate (Part 145) from EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) and thus became the first Vietnamese company recognized by EASA.

AESC – The first Enterprise from Viet Nam participates in the biggest aviation exhibition in Asia (Singapore Air show 2014)

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