Resource Group Aviation Technical Training (UK) in cooperation with Aerospace Engineering Services JSC (AESC) delivers EASA Part 66 Examinations at AESC facilities in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Date:     25th- 27th June 2018

              29th - 31st October 2018

Venue:  AESC facilities at Lot 43A, Quang Minh Industrial Zone, Me Linh, Hanoi, Vietnam


Module 1: Mathematics

Module 2: Physics

Module 3: Electrical Fundamentals

Module 4: Electronic Fundamentals

Module 5: Digital Techniques/Electronic Instrumental Systems

Module 6: Materials & Hardware

Module 7: Maintenance Practices

Module 8: Basic Aerodynamics

Module 9: Human Factors

Module 10: Aviation Legislation

Module 11: Aeroplanes Aerodynamics, Structures & Systems

Module 12: Helicopter Aerodynamics, Structures @ Systems

Module 13: Aircraft Aerodynamics, Structures & Systems

Module 14: Propulsion

Module 15: Gas Turbine Engine

Module 16: Piston Engine

Module 17: Propeller


Registration and Fee:

Link đăng ký: https://goo.gl/forms/EfcKZ2wQzaFVWoGp1

For full details on fees and registration please contact:

Mr. Nguyen Hoang Hai (Harry) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">


Who needs EASA Part 66 Examinations:

-          Industry members who are already working in MRO or airlines and wish to upgrade to EASA Licence.

-          Those seeking licencing through the “self-study” path.

-          Individuals who graduated from aviation technical courses and who wants to have EASA Licence in order to have better job opportunities

-          Students who are currently studying aviation technical courses and wants to have EASA Licence


About RESOURCE GROUP Aviation Technical Training (http://www.resourcegroup.co.uk/ ):

Resource Group is a privately-owned business with its roots dating back more than 30 years. Resource Group has evolved into a substantial business which offers an array of human resource-based services and solutions to technical industries. Growth has been achieved through a mix of organic development and strategic acquisition.

Today Resource Group employs over 250 people across the UK, Switzerland, France and Asia with over 1100 staff deployed on contracts across the globe. Resource Group has five business streams comprising of Aviation and Aerospace Resourcing Solutions, Training Solutions, Technical Recruitment Solutions, Symbiotic Performance Solutions and Systems, Software and Solutions.

Resource Group's Aviation Technical Training division is a UK CAA, EASA Part-147 Approved Aviation Training Organisation. (Approval No. U.K.147.0046)

Established to provide high quality and cost-effective aircraft maintenance training solutions, we have trained thousands of individuals from some of the world's leading airlines and maintenance organisations and collectively have over 300 years’ experience.


About AESC (http://aesc.com.vn/ ):

Aerospace Engineering Services JSC (AESC), a joint stock company with business registration in Vietnam, is proud to be the first privately-held company approved and certified by Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam (CAAV) as a VAR Part 5 Approved Maintenance Organization and VAR Part 21 Design Manufacturing Organization. Starting the business in 2008 with a wheel and brake MRO service, AESC is now expanding its services and activities globally by offering various solutions which combine high- quality products, efficient cost structure and commitment to international safety and quality standards.

On 25th September 2014, AESC officially became an EASA Part 145 Approved Maintenance Organization making it be the first Vietnamese aviation organization offering services with EASA standards.

On 31st October 2015, AESC became an FAA Part 145 Approved Repair Station, being the first Vietnamese aviation organization approved by both EASA and FAA.

Always thinking and acting as A True Aviation Partner, we believe this is the only way to gain the credibility from our customers and our stakeholders, which is undoubtedly vital for business sustainability in the aviation world today.



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SOFEMA Aviation Services in cooperation with AESC deliver the following courses at AESC facilities in Hanoi Vietnam:

EASA Part 145 (2 days)
Date: 16th -17th April 2018
Details: https://sassofia.com/course/еasa-part-145-training-2-days-hanoi-vietnam/
Price: 645 USD
EASA Logistics & Stores Inspection Procedures – Intensive (2 days)
Date: 18th -19th April 2018
Details: https://sassofia.com/course/logistics-stores-inspection-procedures-easa-intensive-2-days-hanoi-vietnam/ 
Price: 645 USD
Aviation Quality Assurance Best Practice Overview and Recurrent (1 day)
Date: 20th April 2018
Details: https://sassofia.com/course/aviation-quality-assurance-best-practice-overview-and-recurrent-1-day-hanoi-vietnam/
Price: 330 USD

For more details and registration, please contact:
Mr. Nguyen Hoang Hai (Harry) AESC Training Manager  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

AESC completed the final stage of installation of the Airbus 320 Cabin Mockup for Vietnam Airport Ground Services Company Limited (VIAGS) in June this year.


Cabin Mock up is an important equipment in aviation training, depending on the level of function and simulation, it can be used in safety training for cockpit and cabin crew, or it can be used in in-flight service training for cabin crew, or it can be used in deep cleaning training for the aircraft cleaning team.



In order to have the simulated details accordance with aviation standards, the Design Team had to design each individual part, then the data were sent to Manufacturing  Team. All final products must go through approval process and quality check.

Then, these parts were shipped for installation by the Technical Team at VIAGS facilities, 117 Hong Ha, Ward 2, Ho Chi Minh City.





The Cabin Mockup is received with satisfaction from VIAGS. As “A True Aviation Partner”, AESC is trying its best to bring more products and services of high quality with affordable price to customers within Vietnam and the region.

In July 2017, Myanmar National Airlines (MNA) took delivery of its ATR 72 aircraft Wing and Tail Docking Platforms, designed and manufactured by AESC.




In order to complete this project, AESC sent a team of its professional engineers to Myanmar for more than a month to do the final installation work, adjustment and monitoring the operation of these Docking Platforms.





MROs need to equip docking platforms specifically designed for different aircraft types and different parts like nose, wing, fuselage, tail to facilitate the maintenance work. These docking platforms must be stable, fast-installation, easy-handling, mobile, versatile and of high quality.





This product, once again, proved the leading position of AESC with the capability of designing and manufacturing of Ground Support Equipment (GSE) in the aviation industry. 



With its services and products of high quality, AESC has been increasingly recognized and gained trust with partners in Vietnam and the region.



On 23/04/2016, Aerospace Engineering Services JSC signed a Representative Agreement with SOFEMA Aviation Services (SAS), a regulatory training and consulting organization of Bulgaria. One of the activities under the Agreement is the conducting of training courses on Legislations, Aviation Quality, Aviation Safety…on a regular basis at AESC facilities in Hanoi, Vietnam. The instructors are experts, who have many years of experience in commercial aviation, working in major EU international airlines…